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Project information

  • Haldi Chandan/Fruit/24 CARAT GOLD/Apricot /DIAMOND(150/-): 12 X 200 ML
  • ABH Fruit Cream Scrub(336/-): 4x500 ML
  • ABH Pomegranate Scrub Gel(336/-): 4x500 ML
  • ABH Papaya Scrub Cream(336/-): 4x500 ML
  • ABH Pearl Cream Scrub(336/-):4x500 ML
  • ABH Aleovera Scrub(336/-): 4x500 ML
  • ABH GOLD Scrub(336/-): 4x500 ML

Face Scrub

Utilizing our Face Scrub range can influence your skin to feel wonderful, energetic, delicate, and like it's shining. Not at all like a customary cleanser or chemical, has our range utilized little particles, dots, or synthetic substances to dispose of the dead skin cells and clear a path for new ones out of a procedure known as shedding.