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Project information

  • SINGLE USE FACIAL KIT: Fruit/ Pearl/ 24 CT GOLD/ WINE (45 GMS)(135/-): 12X45 GMS
  • ABH Fruit Facial Kit(750/-): 10X450 GMS
  • ABH Gold Facial Kit(750/-): 10X450 GMS
  • ABH Acne Pimple Facial kit(750/-): 10X450 GMS
  • ABH Fairness & Glow kit(750/-): 10X450 GMS

Facial Kit

The provided Facial Kit range can be your skin's new closest companion! With multitudinous skin benefits like antimicrobial, decontaminating and mending properties, it is utilized in many skin items and why not. With the capacity to tackle a large group of skin issues, facials utilize silver particles and concentrates broadly.